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Liquid face-lifting procedures

Treatment procedures and prices for a liquid facelifting.

Even in minimally invasive surgeries, we place great value on a non-obligatory and free consultation. It’s vital that you get to know us better, because beauty is also a matter of trust. Furthermore you have the possibility to tell us your treatment wishes and we can discuss together what type of customized solution can we offer. We are happy to orient out treatment plan based on a photo of you from earlier years. This guarantees that your individual face shape is retained.

With our liquid facelifting option, lost volume is compensated by fillers of the latest generation. Your experts of health2beauty will use only very high quality products from world-leading companies for the liquid facelift. After we have decided on a treatment plan together , the procedure is not far off. Since we want the best treatment for our patients, the face is creamed with a numbing ointment during the procedures, that makes it as comfortable and painless as possible.

With a blunt cannula, the filler is introduced into the wrinkles and areas with volume deficit. The injection technique with a blunt cannula is particularly gentle on tissue, so the possibility that there will be bruising and swelling is really low. Nerves are spared as well and hyaluronic acid is used for this purpose – it’s in the shape of a clear gel that reflects natural beauty by restoring the skins volume and moisture from within. Hyaluronic acid dissolves in the body in case of an allergic reaction, since it is a natural and degradable substance.

Thus, the substance which is also called filler dosen’t remain active in the skin but disappears after maximum 24 months. However, there will be a permanent increase of collagen. With this method, great results are obtained when treating sunken cheeks, nasolabial folds or marionette lines. The effect is immediately visible , and the face looks fresh and recovered. With the other wrinkles, for example pronounced frown lines, an extension of the liquid facelift with a combination of treatment of botulinumtoxin can be done. This is very effective in calming active muscles, which are the main cause of the frown lines. In the case of the lines being particularly deep, they can also be filled with a filler later. The result is a natural, fresh and relaxed look. The price for the liquid facelift is significantly lower than the traditional surgical face lift. With this particular injection technique you can also treat your neck, décolleté and hands.  Feel free to contact us directly and arrange a free and non-obliging consultation with us. We look forward to seeing you!




Duration of treatment: 1-2 hours

Anesthesia: anesthetic ointment or local anesthetic

Hospital stay : outpatient

Convalescence period: none

Scars : none

Sport: no sport activities during 3 days

Particularities for this treatment: for one week after the treatment no intense solar exposure or sauna  Price: starting from 890 Euro