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Liquid face – Lifting treatment in Germany

Injection instead of the scalpel – new methods for a young and relaxed face.

Over the years the face loses its vitality due to strong facial gestures. Eventually, strong expression lines will appear to the face. Sunken cheeks, nasolabial fold and marionette lines are just a few names for the unsightly signs of the passage of time that make it visible. Until a few years ago a Facelift was always recommended in such cases. In this major surgical procedure the facial skin is partially peeled and reattached streamlined. In addition to the general surgical risks that arise in this type of facial rejuvenation, visible scars are inevitable. The fact is that an aging face does not lose its vitality only because of excess skin, rather it is the loss of volume that also makes a face look tired, stressed and old.

This is exactly where the liquid facelift- a procedure undertaken by two of our specialists in aesthetic plastic surgery, Eva Kusch and Thorsten Wiens – starts. This approach is part of our core offer and way of thinking at health2beauty: beautiful soft surgery, the new way of doing aesthetic plastic surgery. Through minimally invasive methods and procedures the relaxed and naturally youthful appearance can be achieved without major surgery. Your unique face will be preserved and the risk of change in the face and eye shape is not a concern in this treatment method.

The Liquid Facelift in Essen can help you quickly, safely and gently return lost volume and remove the signs of the times.

More details about the treatment procedure and prices for liquid facelifting in Essen you can find here.

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