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Methods of Rhinoplasty

Methods of lip enchancement Method Benefits Disadvantages Price
Autologous fat Can hold for years, no foreign substances are introduced into the body must be applied repeatedly and is therefore more expensive.  No fine adjustments of volume are possible from 2000 €
Hyaluronic acid individual contouring possible, no allergic reactions, natural substance endogenous enzymes degradethe substance over time between 300 – 500 €
Transplantation of scar tissue Existing scar is also corrected, result is permanent invasive, scarring possible around. 1200 €
Botulinumtoxin reduces wrinkles, effect sets in rapidly, keeps for up to six months muscle tone is reduced, can look unnatural,  may restrict the mobility of mouth around 200 €
Non-degradable substances (silicon, aquamid , Artecoll ) Since palpable or visible changes ( granulomas ) may occur , advise all professional societies of the use from !!!