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Lips enlargement and lip injection in Germany

Full lips you want to kiss! Lips injection for more volume from your specialists in Essen – Germany

According to the Society of Aesthetic Surgery in Germany (GÄCD) lip augmentation belongs to the most common minimally invasive procedures. Even those who are lucky enough to have naturally full lips, have to contend with increasing age with dwindling lip volume, drooping mouth corners and a resulting severe expression. With lip enhancements it is very important to respond to the sensory, muscular and dermatological features of the lip. Lip tissue is unique: it is subjected to constant stress and loses moisture faster than the rest of the facial skin. Lips are therefore more prone to dry. In addition, lips serve as a tactile organ, since they have a very thin skin and a high density of nerves that make them sensitive to touch, heat or cold. Sensations during kissing are additional proof of the diversity of mediated sensitivities the lips have to handle. Lips that have received overly large doses of treatment are not only unsightly, but are also less susceptible to sensations.

These problems are all well known to our specialists in aesthetic plastic surgery of health2beauty  Eva Kusch and Thorsten Wiens. With our own specially designed fat for lip modeling, our hyaluronic acid fillers, revive the natural volume of your lips.

Christine Valeska·from health2beauty in Essen for the lip enhancement.

It must be noted that in a successful lip enhancements, not only the upper lip is augmented. The mouth must rather be considered as a whole for a harmonious and successful procedure. We find that the chin must also be regarded in order to achieve an overall pleasant aesthetic result. Tailor-made for the sensitive tissues of the lip, the results can hold for up to at least six months. By using a strong numbing ointment or the injection of local anesthetic very little pain at is felt. Furthermore, a local anesthetic is included in the unique and high-quality Hyaluronic. The appearance of the lips is, in addition to volume rendering, improved by emphasizing the contours, restoring the hydro balance and improved softness.

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