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Fat reduction injections treatment course

The treatment takes 15-30 minutes and is performed on an outpatient basis. Depending on the desired result and fat deposit size, the treatment at intervals of 2-6 weeks must be repeated two to three times, so that the fat can disappear for good. Since it is then metabolized by the liver , it will not return. The treatment itself is almost painless, because in preparation, a strong anesthetic ointment is applied. Only a slight burning sensation may occur after the injection. As a reaction to the medication, swelling, redness and tenderness on in the treated area occurs. After a few days these symptoms recede completely.  After about two weeks you can see the first results and the healing process takes up to 8 weeks.

Cellulite treatment with fat reduction injection in Essen Germany

The fat reduction injection can be applied for cellulite also. This gives the skin firming effect. This smallest micro injections are administered into the skin after which the active ingredient is diluted greatly. A single treatment lasts up to 30 minutes and is done initially weekly and then monthly thereafter. Thus, the unpopular “orange peel” permanently disappears. The check-up should be done about every three months so that the skin remains perfectly revitalized and the tissue streamlined.


Anesthesia: potent local anesthetic ointment

Hospital stay: outpatient

Scars: none

Cost: depending on the treatment levels, from 200 to 450 Euros per session

Cellulite Treatment: 180-350 Euros per session

Duration of treatment: between 15 and 30 minutes

Cellulite treatment: approx 30 minutes

Possible treatment areas: eye bags, hamster cheeks / champagne cheeks, fat accumulations in the nose and lip area, double chin, lateral chest foothills, chest-abdomen-hip area of the male breast, back, cellulite thighs, with “saddle bags”, inner thighs, knees , and generally for body modeling