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Fat reduction injections

Radical problem removal – fat reduction injections in Germany

Fat reduction injections against zones that are resistant to exercise. 

Even for those that weigh a lean or normal amount, there are parts of the body which hold fat despite targeted sports exercises and a reasonable diet – the flab remains stubbornly: at the thighs, hips (Australians call this excess fat “muffin top”, the English “love handles”, in Germany it is Hüftgold or ‘hip gold’), the double chin, the hamster cheek or fat around the knee, just to name a few. While previously, urgery was necessary to take care of even the smallest fat deposits, these sites can now quickly, simply and gently be permanently reduced. The active ingredient- phosphatidylcholine- is injected directly into the fat tissue with a fine needle. It consists of soy lecithin, and is able to bind and transport fatty acids into the liver. Since the active ingredient is virtually free of side effects, it has been used therapeutically in intensive care for decades. Since then, the undeniable side effects were recognized several years ago, and the substance is now also used today in aesthetic medicine. The natural processes of the body are imitated, where the injection cases a mobilization of adipose tissue. Thus, the “fat reduction injection” (injection lipolysis) is a gentle and effective way to permanently get rid of unwanted fat.

Before treatment the specialists in aesthetic and plastic surgery at health2beauty check whether this treatment promises success, since the injection does nothing against large-scale fat or problems caused by being overweigh. In these cases, liposuction can help.

Further details about the course and costs of the treatment with the fat reduction injection can be found here.

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