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Autologous fat therapy

Autologous fat therapy at health2beauty in Essen.

Wrinkles can be smoothed with specially treated autologous fat, which is taken from another part of the  body through liposuction. For that, liposuction is done to an appropriate part of the body, usually from the abdomen, hip or buttock area. The body’s material is particularly suitable for the correction of deep wrinkles and to fill sunken cheeks. Since it is the body’s own material, an allergic or immune response is excluded. It is possible that the treatment should be repeated several times since the body breaks down the patient’s own fat.

Autologous fat therapy in Essen, more information:

Anesthesia: local anesthesia, sedation, or general anesthesia

Hospital stay: outpatient, if desired stationary

Scars: barely visible

Cost: 1500 €

Treatment duration: 1-4 hours