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Knee joint surgery

Causes of knee pain.

The knee joint is the largest and most complex joint in the human body: As composite joint, it consists of the kneecap, located between the femur and patella, the popliteal joint between the femur and tibia head and the joint between the tibia and fibula. Menisci, joint capsules and ligaments support the highly complex apparatus, which is also traversed by numerous nerves. In order to allow precise execution of different movements, the bands are supported by a sophisticated muscular system. In addition, this highly complex structure carries the entire body and is therefore particularly sensitive. Painful inflammation or joint degeneration are among the many problems than can occur. Chronic knee pain has become a widespread disease and limits the quality of life of those affected considerably. If neither a conservative treatment nor surgery bring relief, an artificial knee joint have been considered a last resort in the past. Today there is a gentle, innovative procedure that selectively eliminates pain.

Simply turn off the pain of Knee joint deviation

Because the elderly with advanced osteoarthritis tend to experience excruciating pain in this area, the implantation of an artificial knee joint can be risky sometimes. the Denervation Center is one of the first specialist facilities in Germany that offers the procedure of denervation, or nerve elimination. The particularly gentle, low-risk procedure was developed by prof. Dellon, a specialist in plastic surgery and neurosurgery in Baltimore (USA). Despite the great success in the USA, the method is still relatively unknown in Germany and is offered nationwide only by a few specialist clinics.