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The operation

During the 30 – 40 minute  of surgery, the pain-conducting nerves around the knee joint are carefully detected. The specialists remove a portion of these nerves, so that they can no longer conduct recurring pain signals to the brain. The knee joint itself remains unaffected. The specialists of the Denervation Center have already freed numerous patients from the pain or have relieved the pain drastically for many with this method.

The changes in the bones, cartilage or ligaments, which originally caused the pain, are however not cured by denervation. This means that the knee may swell or bone changes continue to progress – but the pain will remain at a manageable level , reduced or completely eliminated in the ideal case. However, if the insertion of an artificial knee joint is unavoidable, the procedure is still possible even after previous denervation.

The surgery is followed by a short hospital stay lead by specialists plastic and aesthetic surgery of the

Denervation Center, who are there to take maximum care of patient safety and medical treatment in selected hospitals.