For whom?

Denervation: for whom is it suitable?

Essentially, denervation can be considered an option to any patient with joint problems.

Most suitable might be those patients who have already undergone the usual conservative treatments which have failed and are looking for a friendly alternative to an artificial knee joint. Furthermore, patients that already have an artificial knee joint and still feel pain are also candidates for this procedure. Even young patients with knee pain due to various causes can be treated successfully.

Important to note: prior to undertaking the operation, a simple test is taken to determine the potential for success. The Denervation Center’s specialists perform a ‘blockade’ by finding carefully the pain-conducting nerves carefully and overmoldeding them with a local-temporary anesthetic. The patient may find the pain lessened or even completely eliminated during a short period of time, after which the doctor will make this information visual on an analogue scale. If the pain subsides or disappears entirely during the testing, the denervation procedure promises to be successful when carried out and can greatly increase the quality of life of those affected.

If both knees pain affected, the more problematic knee is tested and operated on. After a period of about three months, when the success of the procedure has been determined, the opposite knee may be operated on.

The surgery is followed by a short hospital stay lead by specialists plastic and aesthetic surgery of the Denervation Center are there to care for maximum patient safety and optimal medical care in selected hospitals.

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