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Denervation Center

The Denervation Center: the right address for chronic knee pain and more.

The Denervation Center specializes entirely on the particular method for knee joint denervation. Due to the continuous training of our specialists, their expertise and know-how on the subject is updated and supplemented by new techniques, meaning that more operative pain therapies will soon be available. This method is trusted and tried, for the specialists of the Denervation Center have already aided many patients with this particular treatment method.

The specialists of the Denervation Center are the specialists in plastic and aesthetic surgery, and are therefore familiar with the special microsurgical techniques of plastic surgery. For years, they have focused particularly on the knee joint denervation and have accumulated a lot of experience over the years.

But the new method of denervation is not only for chronic knee pain. With a similar approach, denervation can be applied to the hip and spine, or even to patients with wrist pain. For professional treatment of the corresponding problematic areas, we can serve as your first point of contact, and connect you with a nationwide network of reputable specialists.

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Do the double test: test the quality of our concept as well as the likelihood of success of denervation for your knee problem.

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