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Chin correction

Chin correction : Beautiful way to harmonious facial proportions

Chin correction: A better way to harmonious facial proportions In addition to harmonious nose form, the shape of the chin area is largely responsible for the attractiveness of the face. Most patients suffer from either a recessed or a protruding chin.

Chin corrections make the profile. They bring harmony and a beautiful shape to the facial features and can enhance one’s appeal for a long time. Here also, depending on the individual conditions, we can advise different treatment options. Beautiful soft surgery allows for a way out of the ‘ cobblestone’ chin by injections of botulinumtoxin to improve the shape of the chin through fillers. A receding chin can be improved through implants. After the cause of a projecting chin is analyzed, a part of the bone is removed and thus brings the chin back to harmonious proportions. The stitches are applied to a discrete area, either under the chin or in the mouth.

Unsightly fat deposits under the chin are carefully and gently removed by our beauty specialists. No need to worry about ‘hamster cheeks’ or double chins anymore!