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Male breast correction

Male breast correction

The appearance of enlarged breasts in a man can be a result of various causes unwanted breast growth (gynecomastia). The excessive increase in size of the male breast can be caused by hormonal dysfunction, alcohol consumption, obesity (pseudo-gynecomastia) or other disorders. When planning surgery, the medical specialists first examine whether the enlarged male breast consists of increased breast glandular tissue or fat accumulation. Accumulations of fat can be aspirated under local anesthesia. If the cause is, however, glandular tissue, the surgeons of health2beauty remove the excess tissue through a small, barely visible lateral section in the lower part of the areola. Again, complete sensitivity of the operators is needed in order to achieve an aesthetic result.


Treatment: breast correction in men

Duration of surgery: liposuction: 90 min.

Distance glandular tissue: 90min

Anesthesia: general anesthesia or sedation

Post-treatment: outpatient treatment, stitch removal after 14 days, wearing a compression vest for 6 weeks thereafter

Restitution of daily routine: after 1  week

Additional precautions: standard precautions