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Breast reduction

Breast reduction and streamlining: operation quality of life.

The burden of the load. Breast size can have a serious impact on the physical and mental health on those with an excessively large bosoms. Breast reduction offers a necessary relief. Sagging of the breasts occur over time after pregnancy or drastic diet, and result from the decrease in volume. A breast lift (mastopexy) for firmer and more youthful breasts is great alternative to modern aesthetic plastic surgery and in the hand of experienced surgeons nowadays is a routine procedure. The surgical procedure for breast reduction and streamlining is similar: smaller, lighter and firmer breasts are formed by removing excess skin and breast tissue. The experienced specialists of health2beauty perform this operation with scar-sparring technology, adapted to your individual requirements. For optimal results, it may be also necessary to remove excess fatty tissue or, in a pure breast lift where mainly skin tissue is present (with little breast tissue), use an implant.

The individual planning and execution of the procedure are top priority for the best results for breast reduction and streamlining: a dream-volume is now achievable.


Treatment: breast reduction, streamlining

Duration of operation: 120-180 min

Anesthesia: general anesthesia

Specialist treatment: hospitalization two days, stitch removal after 14/21 days, support bra necessary for 6 weeks thereafter

Restitution of daily routine: after 10 days

Additional precautions: Standard precautions