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Breast augmentation

Breast enlargement in Essen

It’s crucial that a woman feel confident about her breasts. How the woman feels about her breasts has a significant impact on her identity and assertiveness. Often we are not aware of certain aspects of our body until changes become apparent. In a certain moment, the desired shape and size of breasts becomes an issue. From the moment of puberty, many women suffer from breasts that are too small, too big, too uneven, sagging or from retraced nipples. Whether since puberty or after pregnancy, accidents or illnesses: modern techniques and perfected surgical techniques allow for exiting results nowadays. It’s no wonder that aesthetic corrections of the breasts are one of the most commonly performed procedures in plastic surgery.

Breast enlargement in health2beauty in Essen NRW

During a detailed consultation on your individual wishes for your breast enlargement (augmentation), you agree on the next steps with the experienced breast surgeons of health2beauty. We foster a strong focus on the medically viable options, since extreme desires are sometimes asked to be reconsidered by our specialists for aesthetic plastic surgery. Based on the body structure and size, we consider which cup size (B, C or D) will be sought for the breast augmentation and is best suitable for the patient. After the precise measurement of the breast, a computer-based calculation of the optimal implant size is made.

In health2beauty only the highest quality implants are used, which have a lifetime warranty. The individual customized implant size can be tested by the patient with special trial prostheses. Thus, the result of the individual implant size can be visually mediated. Here, you can choose between round and teardrop-shaped implants and the final implant location. The implants can be used for breast augmentation over or under the chest muscle. In the last step, the access is considered, the area from which the implants are inserted into the breast. Whether they are used on the inframammary fold, the armpit or around the nipple, depends on the individual requirements of the patient and the desired type of breast augmentation. All details are accurately described and defined in order to achieve the exact desired result in a free consultation. Nothing is left to chance, so you can take pride in a gorgeous neckline in no time. get your info here

Breast augmentation and information about the course of treatment at health2beauty in Essen.


Treatment: breast augmentation

Duration of operation: 120 min

Anesthesia: general anesthesia

Post-treatment: Hospital stay of 2 days, stitch removal after 14 days

Restitution of daily routine: 7 days

Preemptive cautions: standard precaution