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Breast augmentation and breast correction

Breast correction and breast enlargement at health2beauty in Essen.

Breast correction, especially breast augmentation are among the most common operations of aesthetic plastic surgery. Too small, too large, uneven, sagging breasts or inverted nipples: In the hands of experienced specialists, modern techniques and upgrated surgical techniques allow for exiting results. Breast augmentation without implant or scalpel? Even that is no longer just wishful thinking with soft surgery experts using purified autologous fat or particularly selected hyaluronic acid-based products.  Breast enlargement in Essen at health2beauty.


Moreover, the specialists health2beauty with extensive experience in modern thoracic surgery using State Of The Art interventions offer the following : Breast Augmentation, Implant exchange, Breast reduction, streamlining Nipple correction, Breast correction in men.

Even inherent defects such as asymmetrical breasts or a tubular (tube-shaped) breast can be reconciled with the modern methods of breast correction. We would be happy to advise you with respect to your personal prognostic.