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Thigh lift: make some new leg space

A universally problematic area for women everywhere : the thighs. The well-known “saddle bags” but also sagging tissue around the inner thighs after extreme dieting or simply due to aging, create a bulky impression when compared to the proportions of the rest of the body. A thigh lift reconstitutes a harmonious contour.

The specialists of health2beauty first investigate which method is best in order to achieve an optimal result. In most cases this can be achieved by liposuction. However, if the extent of sagging skin is too pronounced, combining the method of liposuction with a thigh lift can be the solution. Here, the incision is placed after targeted planning on the inner thigh. The innovative method allows faster healing and optimal results, and with the right healing treatment the scar is barely visible post-intervention. A thigh lift can be a part of the whole body lift, in which the entire abdomen, legs and buttocks area is streamlined.

To optimize the visibility of the new contour, the experts at health2beauty recommend active training to build muscle. As tight as it gets!


Treatment: thigh lift

Duration of operation: 120 min

Anesthesia: general anesthesia

Post-treatment: 2 day hospital stay

Restitution of daily routine: after 10 days

Note: compression pants must be worn for 6 weeks and standard precautions must be taken