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A gentle helping hand against perfect silhouettes disruptions.

Everyone knows it- despite sports and balanced diet; there are simply fat deposits that refuse to go away. These so-called diet-resistant fat deposits (ex. hips, abdomen, neck, legs) thus often disturb the harmonious silhouette of the body. Sufferers may feel uncomfortable and it affects men as well as women. Most bothersome is that fat which is distributed disproportionately. Due to new methods of aesthetic plastic surgery by specialists of health2beauty Eva Kusch and Thorsten Wiens, these problems can be remedied gently.

The method that is used in these cases to help the patient, is liposuction. Liposuction is an established method and has been used for decades in surgery. It is one of the most secure methods. In addition to the cosmetic surgery field, liposuction is also used in the treatment of certain diseases. This includes, for example, the abnormal fat accumulation, also called Lipoedema. The two specialists for aesthetic plasticsurgery perform the procedure, as well as all other operations, as a duo. So you can be sure you will have two renowned specialists at your side. Liposuction in health2beauty Essen is one of the standard procedures. As before each treatment at health2beauty, we offer first  a free, non-binding consultation.

Here you will get to know the doctors personally – because beauty is also a matter of trust. Wishes, forms of treatment, and the results to be achieved are then discussed together with you.