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Brachioplasty: tight and strong silhouette

Skin and tissue slackening can be a result of aging, or after severe weight loss and can happen not only around the belly but also around the legs and arms. If the elasticity of the skin decreases and tissue of the upper arms starts to sag, many unwillingly revert to long sleeve dresses or tops. But instead of hiding unsightly upper in long-sleeved clothing, more and more patients grateful accept today’s possibilities of modern methods of treatment and leave it to specialists of plastic and aesthetic surgery to bring their upper arms back in top form.

The specialists of health2beauty first investigate different methods to achieve an optimal result. In most cases this can be achieved by liposuction. However, if the extent of sagging skin is too pronounced, combining the method of liposuction with a brachioplasty is the solution. Here, the incision is placed after targeted planning on the inside of the upper arm. This modern method allows the wound to heal faster and brings an optimal result. With the proper healing management, the scar is barely visible.

As always, the expertise of the physician is key to creating good results and the perfect body form. Convince yourself of the exceptional quality concept at health2beauty!


Treatment: Brachioplasty

Duration of operation: 120 min

Anesthesia: general anesthesia

Treatment: stitch removal after 14 days

Restitution of daily routine: after 10 days

Note: Compression sleeves must be worn for 6 weeks + standard precautions