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Our Team


Our team at health2beauty, the Specialist Centre for Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery: health is the base and  natural beauty the means. Strive well to be healthy and beautiful in old age. Here at health2beauty we make that classic dream comes into reality. In an elegant and exclusive ambience of a high-tech, yet feel-good practice, we offer 2 experienced specialists with an extraordinary concept in mind:  health2beauty = h2b – the beauty formula.

Since each person is unique, just like the fresh concept of beautiful soft surgery.

The credo: small interventions for the greatest effect. This is reached with the methods and means of the new soft aesthetic plastic surgery: innovative natural treatments for facial rejuvenation and body contouring optimization.

As one of the first providers of tinnovative and at the same time sophisticated, individual gentle treatment methods and surgical techniques – our practice is overlooked by the beauty specialists and practice managers of health2beauty, Eva Kusch and Thorsten Wiens, who have undergone a targeted education and training at the renowned “masters” of the subject with several years of experience. Experience is not only necessary, it is vital, because only those very familiar with the full spectrum of aesthetic plastic surgery and the complex anatomy of the human body can judge which treatment approach is right for the individual and leads to secure, inspiring result – so treatment and follow-up are performed with  A beautiful soft surgery that’s safe- because your body is worth it.