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The special range of opportunities offered at health2beuty are gaining more and more recognition: ever greater numbers of media outlets are trying to offer their readers, viewers or listeners news, data, facts, background information and decision support on the subject of aesthetic plastic surgery. They sometimes like to refer to the professional statements of the two chief physicians and practice managers of health2beauty, Mrs. Eva Kusch and Thorsten Wiens.

Excerpts from current media reports: – Breast Augmentation

d0511fe947 h2b in the media

BILD newspaper – posterior enlargement

po op klein h2b in the media – posterior enlargement povergößerung h2b in the media

Woman of Today

frau von heute klein h2b in the media

BILD newspaper 8/2012

bild 8 2012 klein h2b in the media

VOGUE – 11/2011

vogue02 klein h2b in the media   vogue 01 klein h2b in the media   vogue klein h2b in the media

Picture of woman 18.02.2011 – Mini OP for joint pain

bild der frau 18022011 mini op gegen gelenk schmerzen h2b in the media

Feminim & fit 2/2011 – knee pain – the New OP offers help

feminim fit 2 2011 Kniegelekschmerzen neue op soll helfen h2b in the media

Last week 10.12.2010 – What makes our joints work

neue woche 10.12.2010 was unsere gelenke fit macht h2b in the media

Top Magazine Winter 2010/2011 – Column

TopMagazin Winter 2010 2011 Kollumne h2b in the media

Prince, December 2010 – cut-free beautiful

prinz dezember 2010 schnittlos schön h2b in the media

Gala 11.11.2010 – Fine Tuning

gala finetuning 11.11.2012 h2b in the media

Location! 29.10.2010 – Beautifully soft surgery in Ruettenscheid

location 29102010 schönsanftchirurgie in rüttenscheid h2b in the media

Südanzeiger / Fit & Healthy 30.10.2010 – Chronic joint pain: ailing it with a new, gentle treatment

südanzeigerfit gesund 30.10.2010 chronische gelenkschmerzen neue schonende behandlung hilft h2b in the media