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Microdermabrasion is a further development in cosmetic peelings. In contrast to dermabrasion, the top layer of skin is removed only with a fine crystal or sand blasting unit to reduce calluses, blemishes, pigmentation, skin imperfections and fine lines.

The treatment should be repeated at intervals of several weeks on a regular basis in order to achieve a long-lasting effect. With the development of the microdermabrasion method, the gap between weak and aggressive chemical peels and mechanical dermabrasion has been closed. The skin regenerates quickly and forms a new, healthy skin layer, which is particularly resistant to drugs.


Anesthesia: none

Hospital stay: outpatient

Cost: from 80 € per treatment

Duration of treatment: 30 minutes

Post-treatment: For the first four weeks after treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided and creams with high SPF are advised