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Medical care products

Feel comfortable in your skin! Products of Dermasence at health2beauty!

All medical skin care products at health2beauty are developed in close collaboration with dermatologists.

Seborra Gel 200x300 Medical care products

Through the years of experience and the implementation of innovative ideas, a program has been developed which supports health maintenance and the regulation of skin functions. It caters to every type of skin, finding the right daily care and optimal solutions for problematic skin.

Our products have been pharmacologically proven, with active ingredients of the highest quality combined with modern recipes. Coordinated preparations for face and body care support the health of skin and hair. Whether your skin is normal, dry and sensitive, prone to allergies, greasy or it is exposed to the natural aging processes – our products are perfect for any type of care. Day after day – from head to toe.

Many dermatologists rely on our products. Dermasence products can supply optional benefits and can be used as a supplement of aesthetic procedures.