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Dermabrasion is a mechanical process that is used to treat bumps, wrinkles, calluses or pigment changes in the skin’s top layers. It is worn down with a controlled special diamond bur gently applied to the top layer of skin. This intentionally creates a “graze” that stimulates cell growth.

After one or two weeks, a new skin layer forms again. The result of this treatment is a smoother, firmer, fresher appearance. Depending on the depth of dermabrasion the results last for several years.


Anesthesia: sedation and local anesthesia

Hospital stay: outpatient

Scar: None, only in wound healing disorders or improper treatment

Cost: about 1800 €

Time: 30-60 minutes

After the treatment: the treated skin area hast to be treated with greased compresses and ointments to speed healing. After that the scab, which remains on the skin with the help of soft cream application dissolves after about a week. After this period, makeup can once again be applied. For the first six months after treatment, direct sunlight should be avoided and high block factor sun creams are advised.