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Medical scrubs

Medical Cosmetics and scrubs

For the patients who had to suffer from acne in their youth or later, the problem is unfortunately well known. After the acne has healed, small unsightly scars may remain, which can create the effect of uneven facial skin. health2beauty can reassuringly say that there is no need to accept this small scaring as-is. Using fruit acid peelings, the top layers of skin are removed meaning that skin imperfections and scarring are smoothed out and rendered unnoticeable. The non-invasive method also promises an improvement in skin elasticity, the pores are refined and blemished skin is done away with, leaving the complexion looking fresher and healthier. The applications are therefore not limited to acne or other scars- skin changes, such as fine lines, comedones (blackheads), large-pored skin and a dull or sallow complexion can be successfully treated.

The scrubs are developed through the most popular methods in modern medical cosmetics. The peelings used in health2beauty are specifically tailored to your skin type. Medical scrubs refine the overall skin, stimulate the skin’s natural renewal and stimulate tits metabolism. The treatment results in improved absorption of skincare products. Conclusion: the skin is smoother, stronger and fresher. Medical scrubs are also ideal for acne scars, large-pored skin, sun damage and an overall uneven skin texture.

Pretreatment: the skin should be treated 2 weeks prior to the peeling, which contains fruit acid. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have.


Anesthesia: none

Hospital stay: outpatient

Scars: none

Cost: from 50 €

Duration of treatment: 30 minutes

Behavior after treatment: Initially, a temporary redness and scabbing occur in small spots. For the first four weeks after treatment, avoiding direct sunlight, and a high sun protection factor is advised